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William: boredom is a childhood mystery for me

William: boredom is a childhood mystery for me

29 spalio, 2021

Hi, again. We continue conversations with our friends and here is short interview with William. A person, who is a big inspiration to us, a traveler, a poet and free soul with cheeky eyes, of course. William has no routine and believes in power of nowness and imagination. We’re sure, you’ll enjoy it.

You seem to be traveling constantly. Where do you feel most at home?
In naked moments!! Which can be anywhere on this planet and beyond. There, where my skin is not separated by a single grain of sand from the other. I am racon, the one, who must spend nights out ots (on the streets), lay down to bed on the same surface thousands walk during day, awake amidst bustling beings of big cities and share silent hours all alone in width of world. People probably point out things to answer this question, I probably pull out stories of sceneries to properly paint the picture of homes for me.

What’s the most boring scenario imaginable for you? 
(laughing) I mean… (laughing again) to imagine? Imagination always is fantastic!! I am eager to expand trough every experience. Boredom is a childhood mystery for me. 

What is the most beautiful memory of your childhood?
A) mom and dad as greater untouchable hero’s of world 
B) what different taste of air 
C) football 

Do you have a daily routine?

Tell us about your philosophy in life.
I’m writing on a book to be published some day soon.

When have you felt happiest?
Memories of the past always happen in nowness. If it takes me back hours or ages, the created feeling of presence in the moment remembered is what triggers our senses. I believe a healthy relation to your personal past is key to arts, at least for me. I would lie to say I haven’t ever cried on life, it’s nature of feelings, nature of us humans though ppl see my smile and sense it is always (like) this. Then, I mean now, thinking of those moments raises an enormous home coming feeling inside of me where contrary to when I experienced these moments I may have wished nothing more than to be elsewhere, at another place afar. Now that lays way back in the past and I love to walk the bridge back from being barefoot on the beach of Lisbon to that moments which shall never vanish. 
So again it’s nowness and riding the wave. Now yra wow.

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